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Open Contacts


Predefined Fields

To quickly add new fields to a record, Open Contracts provides a set of predefined fields that you may customize.

 You may define the type and the action of a field. For example, field Birthday is type date. When you click on the edit box of field Birthday, a date picker will appear, in addition, the edit box allows only digits and date separators.

Open Contracts applies constraints to an edit box according to the field type. Fields with input constraints are described in the table below.

Field Type


date Digits - / Date picker will popup for the field
phone Digits ( )  
num Digits  
int Integer  
email AlphaNumeric - _ .  
aemail AlphaNumeric - _ .  
geo Digits + - , . (See address types)
url Any  
datetime Reserved  
bday Digits-/ Date picker will popup for the field (Reserved)
icq Reserved  
msn Reserved  
photo Reserved  
aphoto Any Denote an ID photo. Used in exporting data to other formats such as vCard, and in Quick View window to make the ID photo show in the first of multiple photos.
yahoo Reserved  
qq Reserved  
msn Reserved  

* "aemail" is for Primary Email address field.

Open Contacts could help you to get map of an address, by passing address info to map services. To properly identify segment of an address, a few field types were designed for this purpose, as described below.

Field Type

Address segment

extadr block, unit etc.
street street, road, place, close etc.
city city, town
region state, county, province
zip postcode, zip
nation country
address single line address
geo longitude, latitude

A built-in action could be associated with a predefined field. When you click on an edit box with an action type, the Action button will change accordingly in order to launch an appropriate application with the data in the edit box.

Action Type


phone Launch default Windows' phone dialer.
skype Interact with Skype services for telephone or chat.
web Launch default Windows' web browser if the data is a web link,
email Launch default Windows' Emailer. With MS Outlook defined in the Options of Open Contacts, Email address could be added to address fields of current Email item.
file Launch any associated program like MS Word and MS Excel etc. if the data is a file path to a file.
image Launch default Windows' image viewer/editor if the data is a file path to an image file. Or you can click on the P button to view photo in a built-in viewer.
map Launch map service, with address info composed by address fields of current section
person Try to locate the person in the database and show detail
org Try to locate the organization and show detail

In addition, for File fields or Image fields, you can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer in order to copy the content of file paths. Any field which is associated with the "file" action or the "image" action supports this feature.