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It is an important decision to convert yourself from a two-finger typist to an all-finger typist. Just download it, install it and start learning.  You are going to get all benefits of being a speed typist soon.

The programs are all fully functional. You can gain before you pay.

KP Typing Tutor series

Product File Name Size Version Platform Comment
KP Typing Tutor

1.6M 6.6 Windows 95
Unzip then run kpsetup.exe to install. With courses in French, German, Portuguese, and Russian. Please do read readme file made by the author of the course, inside the course folder.
KP Typing Tutor
(English) 1.6M 6.6 Windows 95
Unzip then run kpengsetup.exe to install
KP Typing Tutor for DOS 95K 4.11 PC/DOS Extract the file to a directory; then run one of the "kp*.bat" files.  
KP TT Net Edition

KP Typing Tutor Server

KP Typing Tutor Client



1.6 M


2.0 B

5.7 B

Windows 98
The server run on Firebird database server by default. Supports for MySQL and MS SQL are available as options.

Please do read "manual.chm" in the zip file before installing.

KP TT Server Service 2M 2.0 B Windows 2k / XP  

A variant of KP TT Server, which could run as a Windows service. You might need some advanced computer knowledge to install and manage it.

Note: Please download and install Firebird before installing KP TT Server programs.

Free Companion Tools:

Product File Name Size(KB) Comments
KP International Companion kpicsetup.exe 1600 V1.7 for Win95/2000/XP. Includes Typing Course Generator and On-screen Keyboard Designer. (kbd.exe, version, 1648 KB)
KP Typing Game



V 2.0 B. A spelling game is added.

KP Typing Tutor International Generations (German, Spanish, French, Danish, Italian,). These virtual keyboard layouts were developed by volunteers.

Copyright 1993 - 2004  Zijian Huang , All Rights Reserved.

Other Utilities

Product File Description
MySql2Access Converter To convert MySQL databases to Ms-Access databases, including primary keys, indexes and autoincrement fields. Shareware.
Hanoi Tower Screen Saver demonstrating how the Hanoi Tower Puzzle is solved. Freeware.
Big5GB Converter A small tool to convert text in GB coding or Big5 coding. Freeware.
MySQL Keeper A simple tool for deploying MySQL databases and doing daily maintenance. Freeware.
Media Rental Point of Sale software that manages sales and marketing operations of your rental and retail business of video (movie, TV series, VCD, DVD, VHS), book and game. Commercial software.
Ticket Wholesale Assistant Introduction with screenshots A ticket wholesale management system, providing intuitive interfaces to make plan, order tickets, allocate ticks to retail outlet, record sales progress and payments.