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KP Typing Game

KP Typing Game is a standalone typing game apart from KP Typing Tutor. This program is distributed as freeware.

The game was originally designed for improving typing speed. Some teachers found innovative ways of using the tutor. They have been using the typing game as an aid for teaching spelling, since the practice content of the typing game could be customized. 

In addition, the game with contents of special wordlists could be a good tool helping dyslexic students. Teachers may use KP International Companion to create wordlists of different patterns.

While KP Typing Tutor consists of the same game of falling words, the standalone version gives you more options. In the future, there will be more game features, mostly for teaching of spelling. The author of KP Typing Tutor is not a native English speaker, he make this program treat all alphabetic languages equally. Please download To find out more, please read this.