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Hanoi Tower  Screen Saver v1.1

  Demonstrating how the Hanoi Tower Puzzle gets solved

by Zijian Huang

Long time ago, there were three pegs in Hanoi. In the very beginning, there were 64 disks with different sizes stacking on peg A, small disks always stepping on the bigger disks, so the stacking disks shaped like a tower. The goal of the Hanoi Tower puzzle is to move a stack of disks from a designated peg A to another designated peg C  in the fewest possible moves and as quickly as possible, and end up in the same stacked ascending order (largest disk on the bottom, smallest on top) as the starting position. Only one disk may be moved at a time and a larger disk may never be placed on top of a smaller disk. The disks can reside on an additional peg B as an interchange.

By the time when all 64 disks are moved to peg C, it will be the end of the world, or heaven of the world?

If one disk is moved in one second, how long would it take to accomplish?

In this screen saver, you don't have to move the disks manually.  The screen saver will play the disks in optimized steps. You may modify the number of disks in a range from 3 - 64.

This screen saver  is distributed as freeware.

File Name Size(KB) Platform Installation 182 PC/WIN95/NT Extract the file to a folder, then right click "hanoi.scr" and follow the prompts of the Pop-up Menu.

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