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KP International Companion consists of a few companion tools  to create quality typing / spelling courses for students of different ages from different backgrounds. Teachers around the world have been using KP Typing Tutor to teach typing as well as spelling. Some teachers are using KP Typing Tutor and KP Typing Game to teach dyslexia students.

Course files for KP Typing Tutor v 4.0 or above

Language or Country

Course Name / Author

English EnglishQwerty *, EnglishDvorak *, EnglishDvorakL *, EnglishDvorakR * / Zijian Huang, for UK Qwerty keyboard / Bill Kean

German GermanQwer *, GermanDvorak * / Paul Bittner in Austria
Portuguese PortugueseQwerty* / Pedro Ferrao in Portugal 
Russian Russian



* Bundled in the tutor.

KP Typing Tutor v4.0 uses a set of text files and an on-screen keyboard template file located in a sub-folder of the 'courses' folder to construct a course, as shown in below screenshot of the Windows Explorer.

After you get a new course package consisting of 4 files (normally in a zip file), you may create a sub-folder of the 'Courses' folder and copy all the files to the folder, the folder name will be the course name that will appear in the Options window.

Game files for KP Typing Game

Language or Country

Course Name / Author

German provided by a German teacher Regine Mueller who is teaching dyslexia students. contents for KP Typing Game v2.0 by Regine Mueller


DOS Version

In KPDOSINT.ZIP, you may find templates for:
Belgium, German, French, Italian, Latin America. Copy the *.key file to the installation directory and create a *.bat file to run the tutor with the new keyboard layout. The *.key file for DOS and for Windows are NOT exchangeable.

Many thanks to those kind people above who made the virtual keyboard layouts in alphabetic languages, Thomas Goodey who sent many comments and much advice for the development of later versions, Stephen j. Opalka who provided the fingers placement of single-handed Dvorak keyboards.

Translation of User Interfaces

From version 5.1, KP Typing Tutor reads two text files (language.txt and translat.txt) as translation resource. You may modify these two text files to further localize the program to make it show user interfaces in your mother language. Please check this for more details.