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Please be reminded that SyncML Client for Open Contacts takes part in the synchronization solution (Funambol or ScheduleWorld) which were developed by other vendors. Please write your questions regarding to direct usages of SyncML Client for Open Contacts to "Support AT fonlow.com". Questions regarding to Funambol, Memotoo, ScheduleWorld or the concept of synchronization should go to respective vendors and forums.

For example, if you find SyncML Client for OC could not start on your computer, please write to "Support AT fonlow.com".

If you have difficulty for installing Funambol server, please go to Funambol's support lines. If you don't know how to setup an account in an installed Funambol server, please read through respective documents provided by Funambol.


Before each synchronization, you may backup Open Contacts' database to get extra data insurance.