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Mapping between Open Contacts and SIF-C

The mapping between the fields of Open Contacts and the supported fields of Funambol server is outlined below.

OC Fields SIF-C Fields
/Surname LastName
/GivenName FirstName
/MidName MiddleName
/Title Title
/Notes Body
Personal/Nickname NickName
Personal/Mobile MobileTelephoneNumber
Personal/Email Email1Address
Personal/Email2 Email2Address
Personal/Email3 Email3Address
Personal/Primary Phone PrimaryTelephoneNumber
Personal/Phone HomeTelephoneNumber
Personal/Phone2 Home2TelephoneNumber
Personal/IM IMAddress
Personal/PO Box HomeAddressPostOfficeBox
Personal/Fax HomeFaxNumber
Personal/Pager PagerNumber
Personal/Web HomeWebPage
Personal/Street HomeAddressStreet
Personal/City HomeAddressCity
Personal/State HomeAddressState
Personal/Country HomeAddressCountry
Personal/Postcode HomeAddressPostalCode
Personal/Suffix Suffix
Personal/Birthday Birthday
Personal/Spouse Spouse
Personal/Anniversary Anniversary
Personal/Children Children
Personal/Assistant AssistantName
Personal/Assistant Phone AssistantTelephoneNumber
Personal/Gender Gender
Personal/Hobby Hobby
Work/Primary Phone CompanyMainTelephoneNumber
Work/Phone BusinessTelephoneNumber
Work/Phone2 Business2TelephoneNumber
Work/Fax BusinessFaxNumber
Work/PO Box BusinessAddressPostOfficeBox
Work/Office Location OfficeLocation
Work/Street BusinessAddressStreet
Work/City BusinessAddressCity
Work/State BusinessAddressState
Work/Country BusinessAddressCountry
Work/Postcode BusinessAddressPostalCode
Work/Title JobTitle
Work/Company CompanyName
Work/Department Department
Work/Profession Profession
Work/Manager ManagerName
Work/Web BusinessWebPage
Other/Phone OtherTelephoneNumber
Other/Fax OtherFaxNumber
Other/PO Box OtherAddressPostOfficeBox
Other/Street OtherAddressStreet
Other/City OtherAddressCity
Other/State OtherAddressState
Other/Country OtherAddressCountry
Other/Postcode OtherAddressPostalCode


SIF (Sync4j Interchange Format) is a data interchange format to represent PIM data in common from different programs. SIF-C is for exchanging contact information. Obviously SIF-C includes almost all contact data fields of MS Outlook.

As Open Contacts has dynamic data field management, the mapping can include all fields defined in SIF-C. However, fields such as Telex and CarPhone etc are not included because telegraph had become obsolete since year 2000 around the world, and car phone is rare.

The mapping is implemented in 2 XSLT files: "SifcToChangeLogXml.xsl" and "ChangeLogXmlToSifc.xsl".

Open Contacts may contain unlimited fields to store contact information, while the other address book programs may have fixed number of fields. So, while you can synchronize all fields supported by Funambol to Open Contacts, only common fields in Open Contacts can be synchronized back to Funambol server, and extra notes  and data fields in Open Contacts will stay where they are, such as multiple instant messenger addresses. In short, during synchronization, Open Contacts can intake almost all fields of other address programs, but not vice versa.


The mapping files "SifcToChangeLogXml.xsl" and "ChangeLogXmlToSifc.xsl" were designed for field names of Open Contacts in English. If you have customized field names in other language, you might need to translate OC field names.