Media Rental
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By becoming a reseller (VAR) you can purchase the Fonlow IT software range at a discounted rate. It is left to the reseller to price the software at a competitive price as they see fit. You may wish to include a support package as part of your offering to add more value. However, the price of the software should include the first year support of the software.

Generally we expect the VAR has some system integration abilities that may help to build total solutions for the customers. A comprehensive solution utilizing the software may consists of computers, printers (for invoices, receipts, reports and labels), paper, and label etc. So, Fonlow IT sells Media Rental, you as a VAR sells solutions, and the customers get comprehensive business solutions with local supports.

Please have a look at system specifications of Media Rental, and contact us through Email


Q: How do I apply to become a reseller?
A: There are two steps.

1. Contact Fonlow IT with some of your business information and get the Reseller Agreement.

2. Sign and send the Reseller Agreement back to Fonlow IT

We will contact you and provide instructions on how to purchase licenses online at the discounted rate, and information about technical supports as well as localization etc.

Q: Do you supply boxed copies of any of your products?
A: No, we only distribute electronic versions of our software from our FTP Internet Site. However, you may place our software onto your own CD-ROM for distribution. Our marketing strategy is to make Media Rental be a part of your total solution delivered to your customers.

Q: Do I have to set regions to distribute in?
A: No, because of the nature of the Internet, we don't set any boundaries to the regions you can sell in. However, this is only valid for the Internet sales.

Q: What about customer support?
A: Fonlow IT provides technical support online through the email address. You may use this address for enquiries about technical issues. You are responsible for supporting the customers.