Media Rental
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Overview of Features

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Point of Sales:
* Media Rental's transaction window is designed to be uncluttered and straightforward, while providing the staffs with all the functions they will need to serve customers quickly and efficiently.
* Seamless operations for rental, retail sales and reservation. An invoice may contain contents of rental sales and retail sales.
* Automatic notifications for member's account info, and common human errors during operations.
* Print invoice or receipt.
* Transactions could be applied without invoicing; invoices could be issued without settlement. This gives you flexibility for serving creditable members.
* Refunds can be given for cash or credit

Media products for rental or for retail sales:
* Video (VHS, VCD, DVD etc.), game, book
* Easy interfaces to key-in records of movie, TV series or book series.
* Flexible, definable and easy to use attribute data fields: Classification, Category, Format, etc.
* Unlimited Actors and Directors.
* The records of media products are shared by both rental inventory and retail inventory.

Powerful numbering:
* Media Rental assigns automatically each media product a unique media product ID, each item/copy of media product a unique item ID, each retail product a unique product ID. These numbers are used to identify items, through keyboarding or barcode reading.
* You may also register original barcodes associating products or items, so you may use products' original barcodes or pre-printed barcode labels to identify retail products and rental items.

Membership management:
* Memberships can be sold or given away free.
* Membership valid period could be set to a period or lifetime.
* Discount rate, max reservation amount, loyalty points are associated with membership account.

* Separated inventories of rental items and retail products.
* Easy interfaces for turning retail media products into rental items, and vice versa.
* Media product retail inventories.

* Flexible pricing schemes associated with product, rental category, and member category.
* Loyalty points could be added or redeemed automatically.

Marketing schemes:
* Discounts related to member categories
* Loyalty points
* Vouchers
* Tokens
* Prepay
* Birthday promotion
* Email templates for birthday, bonus points etc.

* Almost all major operation modules are accompanied with powerful search functions.
* Multiple search conditions are supported for most of data fields of relevant modules.
* Fuzzy searches.
* Many module operations act on the search results, for example, printing barcode labels.

* Reports of catalogues, rental inventory, sales inventory, sale, rental, rental history, and invoice summary etc.
* Combining with powerful search functions, varieties of reports could be generated from more than 60 report templates.

* User name and password.
* Privileges could be set by the administrator for each user.

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