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KP Typing Tutor  is a shareware program of NoNags. As soon as you install the program, you can start learning without delay. Home users are generally allowed to use the software of KP Typing Tutor without paying before learning to type. Schools, institutions, companies and governments are required to purchase a license unless a free license is granted from the copyright owner.

Price of KP Typing Tutor Desktop Edition

Volume Price per Unit (USD)
1 17


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Price of KP Typing Tutor Net Edition.

The amount of licenses defines how many users can run the client program of KP Typing Tutor Net Edition simultaneously. 

Concurrent Users
Price (USD)
5 users 148 Purchase
10 users 248 Purchase
25 users 398 Purchase
50 users 548 Purchase
100 users 788 Purchase
200 users 1200 Purchase

Copying is permitted up to the quantity ordered. The use of each copy will not be restricted to a single location. Those desiring to use KP Typing Tutor on a network need to purchase for the maximum workstation/ keyboards to be used simultaneously. When used on a network system, each simultaneous user is considered to be using a distinct copy of the licensed program.