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  • Optimized step-by-step courses,  free drills, sentence drills, article drills and a typing game.
  • On-screen keyboards with hands highlighting the key and finger to use.
  • Courses for Qwerty, Dvorak and single-handed Dvorak keyboards.
  • Multi-user support. Family members could share the same copy of the product.
  • Extension to other alphabetic languages, keyboard layouts and customizable typing courses for schools.
  • Client/Server Edition providing centralized user management and course management. (Net Edition)

Please have a look at a few Screenshots  and a review at PC World.

In addition, there are free companion tools for teachers to customize the courses and the layouts.

Philosophy behind KP Typing Tutor

Is KP Typing Tutor another typing tutor while there are many around? From certain point of view, yes, since KP Typing Tutor consists of all common elements of a good typing tutor. All popular tying tutors consist of the following elements:
* Courses of finger placements.
* Courses of full sentences.
* Courses of multi-line text.
* On-screen keyboard and hands
* Typing Games
* Monitoring functions and statistic functions

In addition, all popular typing tutors including KP Typing Tutor are committed to serving the training of beginners, young kids, and two-finger typists. Depending on the philosophy behind the development of a typing tutor product, the imposing of monitoring functions varies from product to product.

There are some special approaches in the way of how KP Typing Tutor help users:
* The user interfaces are very intuitive so the users can start the learning process seamlessly.
* The users may depend on more feeling rather than thinking when they learn finger placements, just as how they would learn to drive.
* Most users will be able to finish the learning of finger placements within 10 hours, they will either use the typing tutor to continue to practice, or just practice at work.
* The world is very diversified. Considering the diversification of cultures, the contents of practices are adjustable.
* Kids of different ages may get different contents of courses.
* To support diversifications of courses, KP Typing Course Generator as a companion tool is provided to teachers who want to customize the courses.

With these approaches, KP Typing Tutor is very flexible and extensible. Many people learned to use Dvorak keyboard layouts with the help of KP Typing Tutor. Some teachers are using KP Typing Tutor to teach spelling. Recent enhancements on KP Typing Course Generator and KP Typing Game have been done to further assist teaching spelling for dyslexia students.

The author of KP Typing Tutor is not a native English speaker, he treats every alphabetic languages equally. So all products of KP Typing Tutor series can handle most alphabetic languages and most keyboard layouts natively.