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Q -- Question; A -- Answer; I -- Digest of inquires or emails I received


Q: I like the program. However, I found that my daughter in third grade class had to type some bad words such as 'xxxx'. Would you release a new version without these words? 

A: The new version as you expected was released on 8 of January, 2001, with only the course files changed. As KP Typing Tutor is getting more popular, more and more children are to learn to type with KP. Though we understand children will sooner or later learn these bad words as you did, we are not responsible to introduce these words to children. It is obviously unrealistic to have a course suitable for learners of different ages and different cultures. I do allow teachers or education institutions to customize the contents of the courses. Typing Course Generator is the toolkit.

Q: We have some old PCs with DOS OS, do you have DOS version?

A: Yes, please check the download page. The DOS version can run well on 8086 with mono/color monitor.

Q: I see you have French virtual keyboard layouts. Do you provide course file in French?

A: Keyboard layouts of other languages are made by volunteers around the world. I didn't even ever meet them. They made the layout for their people good. I don't really know why they didn't make relevant courses..

KP Typing Tutor is a fairly open platform. With Typing Course Generator, anyone is able to make a quality typing course within half hour.

I: A user gave me an article about ABC approach of typing for kids, in regard to small hands.

A: I read the article you sent to me. ABC approach could be good for kids, I agree. However, I never worry about small hands of kids. You know, a serious piano student learn playing before 8 years old. The kid has to play normal keyboard of piano rather than 'kid-size' keyboard.

I: About prompts, guiding and  monitoring functions like other typing tutors

A: Technically It is not hard for me to implement monitoring functions as most of other typing tutors do. However, there are also many people don't like strong monitoring functions. For example, when you typing something wrong, you will know, because KP show them in red color. Between monitoring functions and simplicity, I prefer simplicity. Actually I reviewed more than 20 typing tutors when I re-developed KP Typing Tutor for DOS in 1995. As I mentioned, any monitoring function will make the learning process a bit more complicated. My core idea/ philosophy about the KP Typing Tutor is: If you type a line with a few letters wrong, it doesn't matter, just leave it, and continue to practise next lines, you are going to encounter these letters in the following lines again to practice them. In addition, keeping progress in a run may make you happy. In KP TT v4.0, you may have an option: if the accuracy is less than 95, you have to repeat that line.

I: Usually somebody is not learning more than 1 layouts. The reason: you want to use the typing skills for all applications. So switching within the KPTT does not make really sense.

A: You are right. For a personal user at home, such function is a little bit redundant. However, KP Typing Tutor is not licensed to one user but to one workstation. In a school, many students share the same computers, these features are very useful.

I: Is the tutor licensed to an individual person?

A: Not. KP Typing Tutor is licensed to one station. Many users many share the same program installed on one machine, with their own profiles. If copies are needed for more than one computer or at another location within the training center, additional copies need to be purchased for those computers and locations. Additional copies can be purchased at one of the volume prices.

Q: Can I distribute KP Typing Game to students?

A: Yes. KP Tying Game is freeware.