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Extract contact info to clipboard

From time to time, you might need to extract a portion of contact info into other program, such as word processors. While generally you may do copy/paste upon edit boxes one by one, Open Contacts provides a few handy functions to make the jobs easier. Here's the summary of these functions described in the user manual already.

Copy current section to clipboard

In an Edit Contact window, select any box of a section, the press Ctrl+E. All lines of sections will be copied to Windows clipboard.

Copy Email addresses to clipboard

In the People list window, the Companies window, the Search window and the Search Birthday birthday, you may select a set of contacts, then execute command "Copy addresses to clipboard" in the Email action button. The Email addresses along with the contact names will be in the clipboard. You may then paste the addresses into any text editor.

Copy multi-line address to clipboard

In an Edit Contact window, select any address field the multi-line address in a section, then execute command "Copy multi-line address to clipboard".

Convert multi-line address to single line

Convert multi-line address of current section into one line and copy to the Windows clipboard.

Convert Geo info to angular data

After highlighting a geo field in an Edit Contact window, execute command "Convert to Angular".