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Was Open Contacts designed for you?

Open Contacts (OC) had provided richest features among existing address book programs. If you understand how Open Contacts was designed, you will be able to aggregate more features from existing features for your use cases.

Please refer to another article discussing the advantages of Open Contacts over other programs.

Remember, there is no a single silver bullet that can hit all targets. You need to understand and plan what you needs, before making decisions.

OC was designed for managing contacts who you know personally. Though there's nothing stopping from using OC to do mass marketing before you moving to CRM solutions, however, the whole UI and extended functions were all designed/optimized for handling contact info of those who you know personally.

For example, a desktop CRM program will not need to run on an external drive like a USB flash disk, however, it is handy to use your personal address book everywhere you have access to a computer. For mass marketing, you don't need to print contacts on paper, however, for personal contacts, sometimes you might want to print selected contacts on paper for various purposes.

The number of scenarios of using CRM is limited comparing with general address book, as CRM is for business only. You won't put your personal contacts into a CRM program, but you will put personal contacts and selected business contacts into a general address book.

With flexibility of features provided by Open Contacts, you may invent new ways of using contact info for different scenarios through combining a few OC features and other programs.