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Different Ways of Running Open Contacts

Open Contacts was designed for uses in different scenarios by you. Here's a summary of different ways of using this flexible program.

Standalone Windows Application

Open Contacts is installed by default for one computer used by one person. This works for most users.

Network Application

To share contact data across Local Area Network, you may move the database file to a server machine with Firebird database server installed. For more detail, please read the data sharing guide.

Portable Application

Some users need to move around everywhere accessing computers nearby. For some reasons, they don't intend to use laptop computers or pocket PC, and they would prefer portable applications running on portable drives like flash disks, USB memory drive, Mp3 players or smart phones. Open Contacts is portable as well.

Portable Data

If you are going to overseas or another city or just your office, and for some reasons you don't want to use the solutions of portable application suggested above, you may backup the database and email it to yourself. Later you could just download the file, and restore it on another computer with Open Contacts installed. Contact data and most options will be retained.