KP Typing Tutor series




KP Typing Tutor will assist you to learn to type through fine-tuned courses and free-style practices. The program is one of the most popular typing tutors since 1995, and have become the top download program of category "Keyboarding Skills" at

KP Typing Tutor series

KP Typing Tutor for Windows  (Shareware)

KP Typing Tutor for DOS (Freeware)

KP Typing Tutor Net Edition (Shareware)

KP International Companion (Freeware)

KP Typing Tutor supports the following languages and keyboard layouts:

  • English, UK, Dvorak, Left-handed Dvorak, Right-handed Dvorak
  • German, German Dvorak, Portuguese, Russian (Special notice for Cyrillic), Lithuanian.


  • Step by step course
  • Sentence drills
  • Custom drills
  • Paragraph drills
  • Game
  • Custom layouts
  • Custom courses
  • Support multiple users




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