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Contacts Express

Contacts Express is an address book program providing unified, flexible and intuitive interfaces for you to manage and lookup contact info.

Essential Features:

  • Unlimited data fields to store any contact info. Along with predefined fields, you may add unlimited data fields grouped by section.
  • Comprehensive Categories. You may click on a category to view contacts of the category, or  right click to list contacts of subcategories recursively.
  • Interact with Windows applications of telephony, Skype, Web/File browsing, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or any default Email program etc.
  • Map service with Google Maps, supporting single line address and multi-line address.
  • Attach unlimited photos and files .

Before making a move from your current address book program on Windows, you may walk through some screenshots and find out some features you might want but not available or rarely seen among others.

Web Contacts Express

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