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Many of these software products were the results of team-work, and the references could be obtained from my former employers or clients. I also have owned some one-man-band projects marked by double asterisks. Summaries of some projects are presented in the following tables, which will give you immediate impression of my abilities of UI design and architectural design as well as quality.  


Product / System Role Description
Online Licensing System of Idealpos Solutions Lead Internal desktop applications, Website, RESTful Web service, and SOAP based Web service for managing dongles and online licences of shops and resellers. (C#, NET 4.5, WPF, MVVM, ASP.NET MVC 5, jQuery, Web API, WCF, MySql) (12,023; 209) and (7,012; 219)
Webit3/4 of Idealpos Solutions Lead POS conduit that retrieves orders and updates products with Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Mobi2Go and Shopify. (C#, .NET 4) (2,458; 62)
Brokerage service of Dealer Solutions Lead  Web Service Broker which provides a RESTful Web service through brokering business Web services such as PPSR, Veda Auto and internal Web services etc. Through an asynchronous protocol, the Web service broker also minimizes the impact of outages of external Web services, along with an automatic outage management system.

The PPSR extension utilizes PPSR B2G Web services. Personal Property Securities Register is an electronic register that allows security interests in personal property to be registered and searched in accordance with the Australian Personal Property Securities Act 2009, executed by the Attorney General’s Department. (C# .NET 4, WCF, ASP .NET) (9,630; 251)
Content Store of Dealer Solutions Lead Web service that provides seamless storage and redundancy of media files in local farm servers as primary storage, Amazon S3 or Rackspace for cloud storage. (.NET 4, ASP .NET, cloud) (2,334; 51)
AdWords Agent of Dealer Solutions Lead Console app scheduled to publish vehicle advertisements of car dealers to Google Adwords automatically through batch processing. (.NET 4, WCF) (2,316; 37)
Distributed Task Scheduler of Dealer Solutions Lead Windows services for scheduling tasks running on multiple machines in LAN. (.NET 4, WCF, SQL, Quartz .NET) (4,086; 134)
MIF and GIF of GlobalX Information Maintenance , Lead A backend system as a kind of service broker, initialally designed and developed by some consultant firms. (.NET 4, WCF, Biztalk)
Mincom Ellipse WinView of Mincom Maintenance  Enterprise Asset Management application suite providing complete visibility and management of assets to the capital intensive industries of Mining, Utilities, Defense, Transportation and Government. (Delphi, Delphi.NET, C#)
Ellipse Client Configuration Manager of Mincom Lead A desktop program to manage configurations of Ellipse client components. (.NET)
Health Checker of Mincom Maintenance A desktop program to check the health of Ellipse client components. (.NET)
Warranty Fund Management of Harrier National Lead  Vehicle Warranty Fund Management. Harrier National is the leading vehicle warranty fund management company in Australia, and this project was an important part of the migration of the IT system. The system consisted of contracts, claims, invoicing, purchase orders, reports and bulk printing of reports. The windows front end was coded using Delphi, and the Web reporting was coded with ASP.NET C#, and both talked to a MS SQL database.  (Delphi, SQL)
Media Rental series Lead  A POS product for independent video rental shops and book rental shops.(Delphi, MySQL) **  (12,882; 82)
Ticket Wholesale Assistant Lead  A wholesale management system for event organizers and ticket wholesalers. This program provides a set of intuitive and consistent user interfaces to speed up business operations. Most operations of data inputs are done through highlighting grids on the windows which represent seats or tickets, along with comprehensive constraints and validations. The program can then generate reports for operations and analysis. The design is based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. (Delphi, MySQL with older versions, Firebird with versions after 3.0) ** (3,411; 39)
WinChart of Medtel Involved  Clinical Information Management System from Medtel. (Delphi, Paradox)
New JSystem of Jigsaw Technology Lead  Tasks Management and sales management, with quotation, invoicing and purchase order from Jigsaw.(Delphi, MS SQL) (8,150; 99)
Real Estate Information Management of Wireless Oz Involved  Record real estate information on site. (C/C++, Delphi)
Open Contacts Lead  Advanced address book program filling the gap between traditional address book and CRM. The dynamic fields give you great flexibility for storing contact information. (Delphi, Firebird, and Firebird Embedded)** (34,478; 251)
Contacts Express Lead  Express version of Open Contacts. (C# and Firebird)**
Travel A Lead  Management system for travel agency. Travel A includes modules of ordering, booking, invoicing, tariff management, payment and banking, with rich functions of Office Automation. (Delphi, MySQL)** (12,459; 125)


Product / System Role Description
Sqlpp XML Creator of Jigsaw Technology Lead  Creates XML contents from existing databases for Sqlpp. Sqlpp is an open source utility that create C# codes of data access layers for database schema coded in XML. This program was developed for Jigsaw Technology as an internal development tool. (C#)
Incoming Image Processing of Jigsaw Technology Lead  This is a Windows service processing incoming images in a Web server. (C#)
Big5GB Converter Lead  The program can convert plain text (*.txt or *.html files) from Chinese GB encoding to Big5 encoding, or from Big5 to GB, working with multi-byte, not Unicode. **
Simplified and Traditional Chinese Translator Lead  Provides words based translation between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, supporting Unicode. (C#, source available) **
Access MySql Converter Lead  Converts databases between Access and MySQL, migrating autoincrement fields, indexes and blob etc.**
ADO Table Editor Lead  Provides intuitive and elegant interfaces for you as a programmer to navigate through columns of database tables of legacy design, because many database tables of legacy (bad) design had far too many columns. (Delphi) *

Misc. Utilities

Product / System Role Description
KP Typing Tutor series Lead A typing tutor and companions. (Borland C++ and Delphi) ** (14,032; 106)
Excel2Word Data Exporter series Lead  Transfer data from Excel to Word with predefined templates coded in XML.(Delphi, Office COM)
PDFto Djvu Conversion of Jigsaw Technology. Lead  Converts PDF files to Djvu files. (.NET)

Open Source or Copy-Left

Product / System Role Description
Strongly Typed Client API Generators for ASP.NET Web API Lead Generates C# and TypeScript codes of strongly typed client API. The project also delivers TypeScript CodeDOM and POCO2TS.** (1,782; 28)
SyncML Client API .NET Lead A set of native .NET components for synchronizing between local data sources and a SyncML server. By products include MS Outlook Add-in and Open Contacts SyncML Client. (.NET) ** (7,473; 238)
Better Robocopy GUI Lead  Provides intuitive GUI for editing optional parameters of Robocopy command line. It was designed for computer literates who like Robocopy but don't use it very often, and need to review legacy commands from time to time. (C#) **
Command Line GUI Lead  API for creating command line programs with a lot options, and an application host to create GUI for command line programs. The default utility is Better Robocopy GUI. (C#) ** (2,596; 47)  
Essential Diagnostics Involved Extension of System.Diagnostics of .NET Framework. (C#)  
M68K Processor Emulator  Lead  Emulation of M68K processor. (C++)** (4,880; 21)
KP Typing Tutor for DOS Lead  (Borland C++)**  (4,214; 35)

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