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Create Dictionary and Frequent Wordlist

If you want to make a dictionary file either in English or in other alphabetic languages, you may use Dictionary Generator of KP IC to make one. KP IC can scan a few text files and then generate a wordlist. You may sort the wordlist by alphabetic order or by frequency order. So you can easily get a frequent wordlist that is very useful for teaching spelling, you don't need to purchase those copyrighted frequent wordlists anymore. You can freely use the frequent wordlists you created.

In Unix / Linux system, there is usually a text file with all (most) words of English, one word per line. This file could be used by the system's default spelling checker. If you could not get this file, or you want to make a dictionary file with updated words in any alphabetic language, Dictionary Generator as shown below is available to help you.

Dictionary Generator scans a set of text files, then lists unique words one by one and line by line. TCG may then use this file as a dictionary file and the rules you defined to create groups of text as the drafts of typing courses or spelling courses.

In addition, if you sort the word list by frequency/count, you get a frequent wordlist. Teachers have been using this function to teach spelling for beginners and especially for dyslexics.