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File List of KP Typing Tutor v4.0 or above:

KPW.EXE    The executable file.
Kp.ini   Basic setting of KP
Kpc.ini    Profiles of users
Courses\A Course


A course package consists of a few files located in a sub-folder under the Courses folder. Eventually, the folder name will be the course name.

layout.kpt -- The definition file for the on-screen keyboard.

course.txt -- content for the Course.
practice.txt -- content for the Sentence Drills and the Paragraph Drills.
game.txt -- content for the Game.

There might be an additional 'readme.txt' file with comments from the author of the course.

readme.txt  Brief help and other issues.
Kphelp.chm    Help file. There might be other *.chm files or text files as help file in different different distributions of KP Typing Tutor.

You may change the settings from the Options dialog. Please remember, if you redistribute KP Typing Tutor, you should keep all the original contents. If for some political or religious reasons you must modify the content of the course files in order to redistribute the program in your area, you should write a statement at the end of the KP TT's readme.txt about what and why.