Convert between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

This program converts text content between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, taking advantages of Microsoft Word's TCSCCONVERTER function. You may check 簡繁轉換 in Wikipedia for basic concept. If you need to do conversion frequently, this program is handy for you.


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I sometimes need to convert text between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Long time ago I wrote a Windows 32 program using Delphi, which convert text between GB encoding and Big5 encoding, however, nowadays we should be using Unicode.

Microsoft Word Chinese Edition 2000 and above support conversion between TC and SC, however, I am using Office in English, in addition I don't want to frequently copy text to a Word document to do conversion. So I developed this little program for my own use.

This program is distributed as freeware. Neither warranty nor technical support are provided. You may use it at your own risk. Source code in C# is available in

The official site of this program is at Fonlow.


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Zijian Huang