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Generally the upgrading of the database is smooth through running Open Contacts 6 Jumbo, however, such process is not 100% bulletproof. If the automatic upgrading process can not migrate your database, you may follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall Open Contacts 6 Jumbo, and re-install Open Contacts v 5.
  2. Run Open Contacts v5.
  3. Run the Search function, and select range Search Both, and Search.
  4. Select all contacts listed, and run [Main menu -> Tools -> Export to Xml with Options] with checked options: "Categories of selected contacts", "Links to other contacts" and "Settings".
  5. Save the XML file in a safe place.
  6. Install Open Contacts v6 Standard using OpenContacts6.zip
  7. Create a new working directory.
  8. Import the XML file previously saved. When the program prompts for importing settings, say yes.
  9. If you have linked files with those contact info, you might need to move them to proper locations as well.