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The database of Open Contacts v6 was re-designed for better performance and capacity. If you are using Open Contacts v5 or below, you need to migrate your data from the current database file to a new database file of new schema.

  1. Backup the database. Please note, in network mode, generally you can not use the built-in backup function to backup, and you have to do the job on the server machine.
  2. Run Open Contacts v5 on a work station.
  3. Run the Search function, and select range Search Both, and Search.
  4. Select all contacts listed, and run [Main menu -> Tools -> Export to Xml with Options] with checked options: "Categories of selected contacts", "Links to other contacts" and "Settings".
  5. Save the XML file in a safe place.
  6. Install Open Contacts v6 on the workstation using OpenContacts6.zip, and run all needed steps to install the database on the server. Please refer to the Network chapter of the user manual for details.
  7. After making Open Contacts on the work station point to the database on the server, run Open Contacts which will load the blank new database.
  8. Import the XML file previously saved. When the program prompts for importing settings, say yes.