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Additional downloads

Open Contacts localized

The following translated patches were mostly created by volunteers around the world. The components of each package can be separately downloaded. Please read the instruction to apply a  translation package.

Language Patch Authors
Chinese (Simplified) 中文 (简体) ChineseSimplified.zip Zijian
Chinese (Traditional)正體中文 (繁體) ChineseTraditional.zip Andy
Portuguese pt-br.zip Ricardo Dorth Caselli
Spanish Spanish.zip Flor Caballero
Swedish   Work in progress
German   Work in progress
Italian   Work in progress

Instructions of applying translation patch:

It is assumed that you have created a working directory along with a desktop shortcut of Open Contacts.

When applying the translation patch, Open Contacts will copy directory "locale" into the program directory (by default under directory Program Files) of Open Contacts. As this directory may be protected against unauthorized uses, you may need to to run Open Contacts as administrator or power user.

On Windows Vista, right-click on the shortcut of Open Contacts, and execute "Run as Administrator". After Open Contacts is launched, execute [Main menu -> Tools -> Apply Translation Patch], and locate the zip file downloaded. If you don't run the program as Administrator, Open Contacts will prompt you to elevate when copying files to the protected program directory.

On Windows XP or Windows 2000, if you run Windows as normal user (LUA mode), please right-click on the shortcut, and select "Run as" with a power user account or administrator account.  After Open Contacts is launched, run [Main menu -> Tools -> Apply Translation Patch].

Basic Translation Resource

If you could not find a translation patch from the table above, you may contribute to your nation by joining in the translation process. In addition to the guide of translation, you need TranslationResources.zip with contain template files to be translated.

Open Contacts archived

Open Contacts v3.0.0

Open Contacts v3.8.2