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Export Selected Fields of Selected Contacts to hCard

hCard gradually got acceptances from Web developer communities, as some major players like Google, Yahoo and Firefox etc. showed their supports to hCard.

To export selected contacts to hCard, do the following steps:

1. Select contacts from the People List or the search window, and run function at [Main menu -> Tools -> Export Contacts with XSLT]
2. Select an XSLT file for example hCard.xsl.
3. Define a HTML file to save, for example hCard.html.
4. Copy some results in hCard.html to your production web pages.

You may modify hCard.xsl according to your own privacy policy. A privacy policy related to publishing hCard generally consists of two items:

  1. Which contacts to publish. For example you would only select some of your co-workers.
  2. Which fields to publish. For example, you would pickup only the work phone numbers and Email address

hCard serves for 2 types of applications:

1. Give web spiders semantic meanings to mine contact info.
2. Assist a Web Browser to highlight contact info, and make easy to import contact info from a web page.

You may want to test the correctness of the XSLT file using a Web browser like Mozilla Firefox. You may download an add-on Operator. This program can pick up hCard clusters in a Web page and list these contacts in the Tool bar area. So you may export contact info embedded into local vCard files, then you may verify whether the vCard files contain info you want to publish.

If you want to publish some contact info in your MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Eudora etc., you may first import them to Open Contacts and then transform them to HTML.