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Localizing dynamic fields and settings

As you might have noticed, Open Contacts is very much customizable. You may customize predefined field names, predefined sections and preferences. In addition, most settings of customization are stored in the database.

Predefined fields

By default, predefined telephone field is named as "Phone", and you can change it to  "Tel" if you prefer, as long as you make sure the field type is "phone" and the field action is "phone". You can change it to "téléphone" for French, or "telefono" for Italian, etc.

Predefined sections

Predefined sections give you groups of predefine fields in order to quickly add fields of logical groups. Fields in predefined sections don't have to be predefined fields. After customizing or translating predefined fields, it is natural to translate predefined sections, and change settings of the "New Contact" tab of the Options window.

Settings in the Options window


Define some basic commonly used categories for individuals and organizations. And this step is optional.


Translate "Settings.xml" in TranslationResources.zip.  When applying the language pack you made by the end users, dynamic fields and settings defined in this XML file will replace existing predefined fields and settings in the database.

This link illustrates which parts of the XML file need to be translated: those XML attributes highlighted in yellow color and the siblings  may be translated or localized.