<!--For importing LDIF files with contact info to Open Contacts
  * Attribute type does not contain sub-type like lang
  * Binary encoded in BASE64 is not supported
  * Objectclass is always person. OC will not check objectclass.
  * If attribute for FullName does not exist, dn will be used.
<OpenContactsLDIFImport xmlns="http://www.fonlow.com" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.fonlow.com OpenContactsLDIFImport.xsd">
<MidName />
<Section Name="Personal">
<Field Name="Nick Name" Value="mozillaNickname" />
<Field Name="Phone" Value="homePhone" />
<Field Name="Mobile" Value="mobile" />
<Field Name="Pager" Value="pager" />
<Field Name="Fax" Value="fax" />
<Field Name="Primary Email" Value="mail" />
<Field Name="Email" Value="mozillaSecondEmail" />
<Field Name="Web" Value="mozillaHomeUrl" />
<Field Name="Street" Value="homeStreet" />
<Field Name="Street2" Value="mozillaHomeStreet2" />
<Field Name="City" Value="mozillaHomeLocalityName" />
<Field Name="State" Value="mozillaHomeState" />
<Field Name="Postcode" Value="mozillaHomePostalCode" />
<Field Name="Country" Value="mozillaHomeCountryName" />
<Section Name="Work">
<Field Name="Department" Value="department" />
<Field Name="Company" Value="company" />
<Field Name="Phone" Value="telephoneNumber" />
<Field Name="Web" Value="mozillaWorkUrl" />
<Field Name="Street" Value="street" />
<Field Name="Street2" Value="mozillaWorkStreet2" />
<Field Name="City" Value="l" />
<Field Name="State" Value="st" />
<Field Name="Postcode" Value="postalCode" />
<Field Name="Country" Value="c" />
<Section Name="Custom">
<Field Name="Custom1" Value="mozillaCustom1" />
<Field Name="Custom2" Value="mozillaCustom2" />
<Field Name="Custom3" Value="mozillaCustom3" />
<Field Name="Custom4" Value="mozillaCustom4" />