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Package Translated Resources in a Zip File

The following introduces basic concepts and a shortcut of creating translation patch.

Prepare Resources


Prepare default.mo which translates the main program GUI

Please read this guide for more details. At the end, you get a "default.mo" file.

Make Settings.xml

Open Contacts can export contacts along with settings defined in Options and predefined fields etc. into a XML file. Another instance of Open Contacts may import the XML file and get all the settings replaced.


  1. Create a named "A Translation Manager" with notes "This record is for importing some common categories. After importing, you should delete this record". And assign this contact with some categories which will be imported into another database later.
  2. Select this newly created contact, and export it through [Main menu -> Output -> Export contacts to XML with Options]. And check "Categories of selected contacts" and "Settings". Then name the XML file as "Settings.xml".
  3. Open "Settings.xml" in a text editor, and translate PredefinedFields, PredefinedSections, Layouts, and Categories.

Translate some XML and XSLT files in the templates directory

Open Contacts uses XML and XSLT files for extension and customization. These files are listed here.

For convenience of doing translation work, the files to be translated are packaged in TranslationResources.zip.

Compress resource files into a Zip file

1. Copy resource files into a working directory, as shown in an example (ChineseSimplified a a working directory) below.

working dir

2. Highlight "locale" and "templates" under "ChineseSimplified", and run a Zip program (7Zip, WinZip or WinRar etc.).

pack translated resources


So the zip file will have "locale" and "templates" as root directories.


Then you may distribute the zip file as a translation patch. Then end user may run [Main menu -> Tools -> Apply translation patch] to get your translation applied.