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If you experience problems using Contacts Express or if you have a question regarding its use, you may send Email to Fonlow IT at the following E-mail address:

Please write your questions, comments, requests, and suggestions in details. For example, you may make the subject look like "Contacts Express v1.0.0 Questions"  and describe in details. Please use any of the following subject lines:

  • Contacts Express v1.xxx Bugs (Replace xxx with exact version found in the About box)
  • Contacts Express v1.xxx Questions
  • Contacts Express v1.xxx Requesting Features
  • Contacts Express v1.xxx Suggestions
  • Contacts Express v1.xxx Misc

Any other subject will be regarded as Misc.


Contacts Express was specifically designed for people who need flexible way of storing and using contact data.

Q: May I run Contacts Express on dot Net one?

A: Contacts Express was implemented with dot Net 3.5, requiring some advanced features of .Net 3.5. Installing .Net 3.5 framework is a one-time business, other dot Net 3.5 program will share the same framework installed.